Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm a Mountain...

Last week was a challenging week for me to say the very least.  The good news is I’m still standing in faith, joy and hope in my heart for God’s glory to be revealed through it!   I can’t go into detail about it but have learned that God has prepared me ahead of time for this coming season. I’m so grateful HE knew my situation ahead of time! In fact, I’m surprised at how I’m already conquering it with His loving grace that is available to  me as I need it. This is priceless.  Now I know why He was filling me with faith scriptures all year.  Makes me smile even now as I revel over His provision for me.  Needless to say, it’s not me, God’s grace is more than sufficient in my weakness and I can boast that much more that His power and word over me are gold!!

I had my battle though of ups and downs and  found myself needing to cycle through my  emotions with God constantly--this was a good thing!  Sometimes we think we can't have feelings. Instead, we have to try and hide them and act like nothing is bothering us.  Not so with God!  God was there the whole time, hearing me cry out to Him my raw and honest feelings. Notice, I said to Him.  I know where my help comes from and I've learned there is no greater resource of relief in the storms of life!

 Not once did He judge me or criticize my thinking.  Instead, He opened up His arms of grace and  graciously listened, allowing me to reveal my fears and hurts.  I simply LOVE this about my Father in Heaven!    However, God’s Word pulled me through each and every time. I grew stronger and stronger day by day as I allowed His truths to make me feel secure in faith.   I can’t say enough about the truth and power behind His Word.  It has unspeakable power over me.  When I fix my eyes on the truth and the character of God and not on myself or circumstances –it changes everything because it takes my eyes off of me and puts them on the ONE who has all the answers.

Growing in faith and trusting God is part of our journey.  Some days are different than others. Some days require more of getting on our hands and knees and surrendering ALL to Him because we simply don't have anything left.   I’m finding that my journey is never without a deeper level of understanding of scriptures I hold so dear to my heart.  God is in the business of moving us deeper into  the revelations of His love for us, for this-- I’m grateful!  There is no joy that speaks greater to me than to move through a season with God where your intimacy with Him is the very thing that keeps you breathing at times. Every deep breath I take in says, "Jesus, I need you!" 
 Unless you have been through that kind of season then you won’t know what I’m talking about. Don't run from these seasons because there is much treasure to be found buried deep in them.  Even now, I have my shovel and I'm digging deeper than I ever have before because I know that I will find Gold.  I’ve found that trials in the end are a blessing in disguise because they grow you closer to God than you ever dreamed of.  They are an opportunity to allow you to see Him in ways you never imagined.  He shows up big time in provision, in grace, in love and in forgiveness.  What a gift! God is always wanting to shower us with more of this kind of love.  My arms are wide open to receive it.  Are yours?

Psalm 125:1 says, “ Those who trust ( confident, secure, sure) in the Lord are like Mt. Zion. It cannot be shaken; it remains forever.”   I’m so grateful that no matter what happens with my situation this hour that I don’t have to have the answers to all my questions or need to see where I'm  going.  If our trust is only dependent on God's manifestation of power and favor, we will never be able to stand!  Instead, I can trust in God simply because of WHO He is and not what He can do for me.   For me there is no greater place to be then to be desperate before the Lord and waiting for Him to show Himself faithful because HE is faithful!

What are you trusting God for  today?  Are you needing answers or an end result and you find yourself reasoning and asking why? If so, stop and be still and know that you are secured in love. Trust with confidence and be secured knowing that God does not fail in what He allows to come into your life.  The answers may not always come and the path may seem endless, but you can be sure that the He will not mislead you or leave you on it.  This is where I trust Him to make me like Mt. Zion. I will choose not to be shaken, but rather remain forever in God’s provision and love through it.  May you grow in the same trust today!

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